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Applications are open for term 4, 2023

 Embed a culture of wellbeing in your early childhood education and care setting from the very beginning of the year!

Yoga Play Program
Empowered Mind Ed Professional Development

SRF Flexible & AEL Funding compatible.
Don't live in Victoria? Not a problem, we can still support you!


South East Yoga and Wellbeing supports the early childhood education and care sector to build an empowered culture of wellbeing for leadership teams, educators, children and families.

We do things differently!

We focus on the individual first as the foundation for building positive relationships, teamwork and a greater sense of wellbeing.

We help to build emotional intelligence.

While there are many brilliant wellbeing programs on offer for the early childhood education and care sector, none dig deep into this one core principle -  
Where does our sense of wellbeing begin?
It begins with YOU and your understanding of self awareness.
Without a deeper sense of self awareness, we cannot sustain a culture of wellbeing in our early childhood settings because people cultivate culture not the environments, policies, procedures, staff meetings or even the language you use.
While all these elements promote a healthy workplace, a strong sense of self improves the workplace culture exponentially.

We promote wellbeing in the workplace so that you retain staff because they are happy to be there!

Experiential children's session - Yoga Play Program 
Whole service Yoga Play Program professional development

"The Yoga session with Nic  was very engaging. Nic created a lovely, warm atmosphere for the children who fully immersed themselves into different Yoga poses with her. She focused on promoting positive mental health along with practical ways to calm their (children's) minds. Children explored yoga games, story telling, breathing, relaxation and Yoga through yoga poses. Nic has loads of ideas and shared her sessions to make it really easy to implement in our program. She is a fantastic teacher and caters for children with different needs. Many thanks for the great session".
Nasrin Rozy - ECT Minaret ELC

"We chose Nic to assist us in intentional relaxation and movement classes – something that was new learning to many educators. This opportunity has allowed educators to upskill, grow in confidence and build upon current practices ..."
Ellesha - Kindergarten Teacher

Benefits of our professional development

Those working in early childhood settings will:

  • Increase productivity and energy levels. 
  • Build more aligned and connected teams.
  • Experience less absenteeism due to a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Deepen understanding about children's social and emotional development increases.
  • Engage in more effective communication.
  • Create a deeper sense of empathy and kindness. 
  • Have more fun in the day.
  • Attain higher levels of confidence.
  • Feel more aligned through a greater sense of self awareness.
  • Feel more empowered during thinking processes and instigate appropriate actions.
  • Develop a greater understanding of emotions and thoughts.
  • Develop greater interoceptive ability. 
  • Enhance creativity and imaginative capability

Children will:

  • Develop greater learning capacity due to increased focus and concentration.
  • Enhance social skills and a sense of connectedness to their space.
  • Have greater ability to self regulate with more ease and understanding.
  • Increase self awareness and interoceptive skills.
  • Further develop physical skills including balance, crossing the midline and proprioception.
  • Gain a higher sense of agency.
  • Enhance capability and autonomy as their ideas are celebrated and they are given the opportunity to practise skills and express themself.
  • Develop the ability to identify and appreciate their own strengths.
  • Strengthen emotional literacy.
  • Be exposed to more storytelling which promotes language, literacy, creativity and imagination. 

There are actually a whole lot more benefits - just ask us!

SRF Flexible Funding compatible

What professional development opportunities are on offer?

Our Yoga Play Programs are best done in person but can be offered online with the exception of the children's sessions.

Empowered Mind Ed can also be offered both online and in person.

Yoga Play Program

This is a professional development for early childhood education professionals who care for the over three demographic.
We use storytelling and yoga principles including 'The 5 Elements of Yoga' to build educators capacity to embed their own wellbeing program.
We predominantly work with the preschool years through the School Readiness Flexible Funding resource.

Included in the Yoga Play Program are:

  • Children's experiential yoga sessions. 
  • Consultancy and mentoring.
  • Support documentation.
  • Whole service professional development.
  • Online courses.
  • Online resource library.

Empowered Mind Ed

There are two professional development presentations on offer for the whole team.
Do you have a large organisation?
Consider hosting a half day professional development where we will present on our two topics.

Outcomes include:

  • Deepen knowledge of how to stay balanced for a calmer mind and body.
  • Able to work through stress and anxiety in the moment.
  • Calmer environments for both educators in the workplace and children in care settings.
  • Enhanced relationships and co-regulation.
  • Educators and children become more present and grounded.
  • Work environment becomes more productive.
  • Everyone feels a greater sense of belonging. 
  • Greater connection to your environment.

Family Workshops

We offer online or in person presentations for families.

Our family workshops aim to:

  • Formulate partnerships between families, the service and professionals to establish continuity and connectedness to enhance safety and security for children.
  • Support you in promoting a shared knowledge around how yoga can be used to support the child and have an impact on their wellbeing.
  • Learn skills that can be transferred to the home environment. Join in the learning with children and encourage ongoing wellbeing.
  • Communicating with families about the program ensures that a common language of wellbeing is used to promote consistency for children.

Why do I need to apply to book a professional development?

We believe in embedding change and going 100% all in.
If you can't commit to integrating what you learn from our professional development, then I'm sorry but you aren't the right fit for us :(

It's important that we both feel we can work together in a professional manner which is goal driven.
What outcomes do you want to achieve in your early childhood setting in regards to whole service wellbeing?
What changes do you wish to see?
Do you see the value in empowering individuals to connect with a deeper sense of recognising how they feel and how to work through thoughts, challenges and obstacles?

South East Yoga and Wellbeing is passionate about what we do and we strive to share this passion with you.

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to get to know your mind and body better because what goes on inside us will affect what goes on in the outside, that is, the workplace!

Our wellbeing starts with the connection to ourself first.

Developing a deeper connection to our own self means we can connect more authentically to others.
When we connect with authenticity we create a wellbeing culture that is enveloped in kindness, compassion, calmness, understanding and respect.

Meet Nic, founder of South East Yoga and Wellbeing