Hi! I'm Nic
I'm a children's early childhood yoga educator.

My mission is to inspire early childhood educators to use yoga as a tool in their kindergartens to support children's wellbeing so they impact the world with their brilliance.

My vision is to see yoga in every early childhood service in the next 5 years so that children face the world armed with a swag of tools to help them develop strong mental health foundations & increase their physical skills for optimal wellbeing.

Join me on this journey!

Impacting children's wellbeing through holistic yoga programs so that they grow into confident & connected adults, who enhance the world with empathy, kindness & their brilliance.


Your Yoga Toolkit Course and The Magic of Storytelling in Meditation enable you to learn all about yoga & meditation in early childhood so that you can facilitate meaningful & engaging yoga programs expertly!
Implement what you learn immediately!


Downloadable yoga programs that you can facilitate immediately into your early childhood service.
Your Yoga Toolkit - Early Childhood Yoga Bundle gives you a whole month of yoga sessions!


A perfect way to kickstart your own early childhood yoga program.
These workshops give you the foundations required & will take you through resources you can use & how to use them.
Contact Nic 0428578009 for bookings.


2, 3 and 5 day packages available. Includes yoga incursions, access to online courses, workshops & training.
Child centred yoga programs includes mentoring & professional development for educators.
Contact Nic 0428578009 for bookings.

Hi I'm Nic Russell

I'm a mum to 3 young adults, an educator, children's yoga instructor, meditation facilitator & all round creator!

Come and say hello over on Facebook & join our community of early childhood educators at 'The Children's Yoga Academy for Educators' or drop by my business page 'South East Yoga and Wellbeing'.

Interested in workshops or yoga in your early childhood service?
Call me, I'd love to chat about how I can support you.

Contact: Nic 0428 578 009

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